Award Categories

1) Best Multi-Speciality Hospital of the Year

The award recognises the continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge medical assistance in diverse medical departments while bringing together best of the doctors, scientists and clinical researchers to provide expert services in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases – all under one roof.

2) Best Single-Speciality Hospital of the Year – Eye

Taking specialised eye care to next level the award acknowledges a complete super-speciality eye care hospital which blends traditional with state-of-the-art ophthalmic care and offers specialised yet affordable treatment.

3) Best Single-Speciality Hospital of the Year – IVF

Increased work stress, hectic and fast-paced imbalanced urban lifestyle, environmental toxins and delayed age at marriage are resulting in growing number of infertility cases. This category celebrates the efforts of a single-speciality which provides infertility evaluation, IVF treatment and assisted reproduction to help couples experience the pleasures of parenthood.

4) Government Initiative in Healthcare

Successful healthcare initiatives by government are recognised in this category, so as to boost Indian healthcare industry and provide best of the medical care to everyone including those from rural and far- flung areas of the country.

5) Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year

Turning passion into a great business idea, the healthcare entrepreneur of the year is someone who has not just broken the barriers to high quality healthcare services but has also inspired millions in an ever- advancing health sector.

6) Best Use of IT by a Hospital

Technology is constantly evolving and is particularly important in providing optimum care. The category recognises the efforts of use of IT in hospitals which continues to save millions of lives and benefit several areas of patient care and research in health sector.

7) PPP Initiative of the Year in Healthcare

This category acknowledges the successful initiatives in healthcare launched under the public private partnership (PPP) model so as to inspire others to go for a model that further attracts private investment and reduces the public sector risk.

8) Health Insurance Initiative of the Year

We recognise the most successful programme launched by an insurance coverage provider that benefits the excluded sections of the society most, and reaches out to those living in the remote areas of the country.

9) Innovative Use of Technology by a Hospital

Healthcare providers are increasingly recognising the importance of technology as a tool to achieve their business targets and agendas. This award acknowledges hospitals for putting technology to most productive use.

10) Innovative Use of Technology by a Diagnostic Service Provider

The award is an acknowledgement of successful efforts by a diagnostic service provider to diagnose ailments appropriately by making the most innovative and efficient use of technology.

11) Best Preventive Care Initiative

Prevention is better than cure, they say. This award acknowledges the most successful preventive healthcare programmes that help keep potential health threats away from a community.

12) HIS & HMIS Provider of the Year

The award recognises the best practitioners of HIS and HMIS tools in their various incarnations to improve the overall healthcare system making unique and innovative use of these tools.